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New Range of Masking Tapes

New Range of Masking Tapes

In our catalogue 2018-2019, we have added the new range of Pentrilo tapes, of our own manufactured, which offer precise solutions with better quality, better presentation and competitive prices.

The new range of tapes have nine new references for different applications

  • Masking Tape 80º Pentrilo: Special for bodywork or automotive with high resist 80º, 1 hour. Cuenta con una excelente adhesión a todas las superficies y es de fácil aplicación en perfiles curvos y superficies irregulares. It has an excellent adhesion to all surfaces and it’s easy to apply in curved profiles and in irregular surfaces.

  • Masking tape Pentrilo: Special for use in decoration and DIY work. Compatible with solvent based and water based paints. It is easy to remove and does not leave residue. 

  • Blue masking tape: Especial para trabajos en exteriores y náutica por su alta resistencia a los rayos UV. Ideal para aplicaciones con revestimientos exteriores y náutica.

  • Low tack masking tape: Special for delicate surfaces (stucco, high decoration) due to uses a low adhesion adhesive. This tape has a “water-repellent” treatment of the paper that make it easily removable without leaving traces or residues.

  • Washi Tape: is a high precision tape suitable to get contoured, precise and straight lines. Recommended for delicate surfaces and it is for both indoors and outdoors work.

  • Duct Tape: adhesive tape for general use. Multipurpose tape for join, seal, hold, repair and raincoat. It has an excellent long-lasting adhesiveness and easy to cut manually.

  • Packaging tape: Available in transparent and brown Color, is ideal for closing all types of boxes, both manual and automatic use.

  • Double-sided tape: is suitable for temporary or permanent fixing of carpets. It is also used for different industrial fixings and mounting applications.  
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